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Today I successfully (with a bit of help from friends) managed to add JSONP support to the Nginx upload progress module C code. I’m dead chuffed since: 1) this is the first time I have ever managed to modify a C program to do what I want, 2) the Nginx code is ninja. What the […]

I have been bugging them for this feature since I got my first slice. You can now save a backup of a slice ( a Zen VPS server ) and rebuild another slice using this image. This opens the door for creating a master slice server image which can be reused whenever we need a […]

I have added some links to the blog roll in the sidebar on the right. At the moment its a mix of flash, ruby, erlang, and old time cocoon people who’s blogs I have enjoyed over the years. Have a click and a read, there are some seriously smart people in that list. Will add […]

Living in Thailand I can’t just pop into Barns and Noble or order books online using One Click™ without silly postage costs. So I often end up paying for the PDF version and reading on my laptop. This is OK for small documents but strains the eyes when trying to read real books on an […]

WTF !#%&*… I hover over a link to be presented with that bloody annoying screenshot popup. I hate those widgets. They are right up there with Mick Hucknall and Stuffit on OSX in my list of pet hates. Techcrunch as almost unreadable thanks to “Snap shots” ad infested widget. Luckily I managed to kill them, in wordpress you […]

Recently I have been putting a lot of spare time into learning Erlang; a concurrent functional programming language designed for building scalable distributed systems. For a guy coming from a Java, Ruby, PHP, etc background its been quite an interesting learning experience for me. I wont go into details describing the language as well, I […]

I just tapped in some programming languages over at and look popped out.Ruby is taking over the world. Well.. maybe not, but the number of jobs are certainly on the rise.