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Only a few days to go, t-shirts and banners being printed, final preparations being made, faster network connection being sorted, etc. You can feel the buzz online, Thailand’s first Barcamp is fast approaching. We had to close registration only days after it opened as we received an overwhelming (and unexpected) high sign-up rate. If you […]

After much messing about getting sponsors logos then converting to vector and one color* ready for screen printing the design is finally with the printers and they are rolling. In the end we put in an order for 250 shirts with a mix of sizes. They had a lot of trouble finding enough black shirts […]

I’m really happy to report some great people are organizing a BarCamp in Bangkok. This will be a first of its kind in Thailand and I’m looking forward to attending with a few of our crew. It will be quite interesting from a cultural perspective to see how people take to enforced participation. See rules […]