So you found my blog, who the hell is this guy?

Short and sweet version

My name is Luke Hubbard, I work as tech director of codegent, live with the wife Khum, and baby Taan in Bangkok. Spare time spent hacking on open source projects (red5, etc).

Want to know more?

Originally from North Wales, I was lucky to get to travel around the world a lot while growing up. Thanks mom! I think this changed my outlook on life.

In my teens I traveled to asia alone and met this lovely Thai girl called Khum. She has since made an honest man out of me (twice!). In 2001, we swapped the sheep of Snowdonia (North Wales) for the bright lights of London.

London rocked, we had a great flat in camden, a jack russell terrier (the legendary Coke RIP), and did a fair amount of partying. After a few years hard graft working for a large web agency in central london I got bored and tried my luck at freelance. One thing lead to another and it didn’t take long before I became a partner in newly formed codegent. This started a new chapter in our lives.

Dreaming of sunshine and som-tam, we moved to Bangkok in 2004 where we have been ever since. We setup an office here, hired some smart guys, and settled down to building up the company. Great joy came in 2007 we were joined by our new born son; Taan. He is my sunshine šŸ™‚

These days my time is spent hacking on code and dreaming up creative projects with codegent crew and playing silly games with Taan. Apart from the day job I also get involved in open source projects. I’m was one of the first developers of the Red5 flash server project and now I’m working on another top secret media server project only this time in Erlang.

Want to contact me?

first name at company name dot com


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