Black is the new yellow


After much messing about getting sponsors logos then converting to vector and one color* ready for screen printing the design is finally with the printers and they are rolling. In the end we put in an order for 250 shirts with a mix of sizes. They had a lot of trouble finding enough black shirts for us due to high demand at the moment. Why?

Unlike any other country I have ever visited the Thai people seem to have a passion for waring the same colors (out of respect towards the monarchy) and over the past year we have had a number of color trends. It started with yellow (supposed to be gold) for the kings celebration’s, then light blue for the queen. Colors are linked to days of the week, so for instance Monday is yellow day (see pic below).  That was followed recently by pink, a trend that started when the King exited hospital waring pink one day.

Hmm.. must be a monday. (credit: I just stole this pic from a google search)

So whats the deal with black. The King’s sister died a short while ago, and so now black is the new yellow. Government workers will be waring nothing else for the next 100 days and the general public seems to be following suit. Hence the run on back all of a sudden. If only I could predict the next color trend I could make a mint in T-Shirt futures.

Anyway this blog post went on a little bit of a tangent, all I meant to do was post the design for the T-Shirts so people know what to expect. Most will be in black, but they ran out of XXL black so some lucky people will get red instead.

Barcamp Bangkok T-Shirt Final Design

* Forgive the spelling, I’ve converted to US aka international spelling these day.


One Response to “Black is the new yellow”

  1. hey dude,

    saw your barcamp tee, very cool
    we had our barcamp last december, a month ago
    we were the sponsor for barcamp Hong Kong
    bumped in to your blog while reading stuff on tees
    anyway hope all goes well at your end


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