Barcalys taking the piss. Three strikes and you are out. (Updated)


I’ve never been a fan of banks, but I’ve stuck with my Barcalys account for a long time. When we moved to Thailand I notified them of my change of address and they have managed to send me monthly statements via snail mail ever since.

Strike 1: Can I have a new card please.

Now I find I need a new debit card so I figured it would be easy enough to get one sent to the same address they have associated with my account. Quick call to telephone banking, sit through marketing blurb about switching my (non-existent) mortgage. Play silly buggers with the automated phone menu system and in the end get to speak to a person. “No problem Mr Hubbard we send out a new card for you, it should take 5-7 days plus a few extra since you are overseas”. Generally mail between UK and Bangkok is quite quick so I assume I’m looking at 10 days max. Then they launch into the standard sales pitch.. We have a package, wont cost you anything to upgrade, yada, yada. No thanks, just the card please.

Strike 2: No new card, current card has been blocked. Getting annoyed.

A couple of week later no joy. I have to leave the country for a quick trip to Malaysia. On arrival I find my card doesnt work. Luckily I have another card I can use. On my return I call them suspecting the computers have blocked the card due to “Irregular Activity”. This keeps happening since I use the card abroad. “No Mr Hubbard we have canceled your card as we sent you a new one.” Only it didn’t arrive. So I ask them to unblock my current card, and asked what has happened to the one they sent. They didn’t have any idea and told me they would send another should arrive in 5-7 days plus a bit extra.. blah blah. Same old sales pitch too. No thanks just the card.

Strike 3: Still no bloody card. This is taking the piss.

Same routine, “Sorry Luke (they calling me by my first name now being all friendly) about what happened let me double check the address”. Address is correct. “We will send out a new card will be with you.. blah blah blah.” Right… I said. I’m loosing confidence that I will ever get my new card. I fear its being sent by some automated system, perhaps the letter doesn’t have the correct postage stamp. Could it be sent by a human? “Im sure you will get your card” the lady says confidently “5-7 days”. Yawn.

I don’t hold out much hope. 3 strikes and you are out. Barclays is running out of lives. Time to find a new Bank.

Update:  A couple of days ago my card arrived via DHL recorded delivery. Who knows maybe someone at Barclays is readiny my blog. Anyway damage is done, I’ve found better options.


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