Adding JSONP to Nginx Upload Progress Module


Today I successfully (with a bit of help from friends) managed to add JSONP support to the Nginx upload progress module C code. I’m dead chuffed since: 1) this is the first time I have ever managed to modify a C program to do what I want, 2) the Nginx code is ninja. What the hell is JSONP ??? Good question. Its a way to get around the restriction that AJAX calls can only be sent to the same domain as that of the page. You embed a dynamic script element in the page and point it at the server which returns JSONP. Its just like usual JSON but wrapped in parenthesis and prefixed with the value of the ‘jsonp’ parameter passed with the get request. This turns plain JSON data into JSON data wrapped in a callback function call. An example is probably in order..


GET /foo


GET /foo?jsonp=callback_1

Once I have tested the code a bit more I will send a patch to the original module author. But if you are feeling daring you can download the hacked module here.


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