Forget everything think you know and learn Erlang


Recently I have been putting a lot of spare time into learning Erlang; a concurrent functional programming language designed for building scalable distributed systems. For a guy coming from a Java, Ruby, PHP, etc background its been quite an interesting learning experience for me. I wont go into details describing the language as well, I don’t have time right now. But I give the following tips for anyone wanting to give it a try. Buy Joe Armstrong’s book and checkout his thesis. The book is a good introduction to the language and the thesis really helped me grasp the theory. Oh and also signup to the erlang-questions mailing list. I was considering going on the pragmatic studio course but now think I wont need to. Things are starting to click, lookout google!

Programming Erlang

I have gotten involved in a rather exciting Erlang project which I’m sure you will hear about in due course. That is assuming this blogging lark isn’t a fad 🙂


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